East Ayrshire show true colours towards Community

Tuesday, September 10, 2013GMB Scotland Anger Over The Proposals To Close 79 Community And Leisure Facilities In East AyrshireGMB Scotland thinks that it is despicable of this council to treat their employees in this manner some who have long service to be potentially thrown on the scrap heap.GMB Scotland has reacted angrily to the Proposals from East Ayrshire Council and East Ayrshire Leisure to close 79 Community and Leisure Facilities across East Ayrshire.The proposals, if accepted, will see the closure of Community Centres, Libraries, Games Halls and Day Centres across the region.The proposed closures the Leisure Trust wish to make are as follows:- 27 Community Centres and Day Centres, 7 Games Halls, 2 Golf Courses and Facilities 14 Library’s, 28 Pitch and Pavilions and Doon Valley Museum

The proposals which are part of East Ayrshire’s transformation strategy calls for the closure of 25% of the buildings that transferred to East Ayrshire Leisure Trust when it was set up in July this year.

Louise Gilmour, GMB Scotland Organiser for East Ayrshire said: “We are really angry about these proposals, not just because the citizens of East Ayrshire will lose the use of these Facilities, it is the shabby way the Council have treated the Staff that transferred to the Leisure Trust. They knew at the time this was on the cards, but they ignored our demands to keep the Staff as part of the Council until we saw the impact on Staff.”

This means our members who have transferred will not have the same opportunity to be redeployed and now face an uncertain future.”

GMB Scotland thinks that it is despicable of this Council to treat their employees in this manner some who have long service to be potentially thrown on the scrap heap.”

“GMB will fight any Compulsory Redundancies the Leisure Trust intends to make.”


Contact: Louise Gilmour, GMB Scotland Organiser  07921 289 739. GMB Press Office: 07921 289880 or 07974 251823.

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Kilmarnock Standard

Regional ABCs: Paid-for local press circulation drops by 6.4 per cent. Locally the Kilmarnock Standard had a circulation of 12927, that is down -10.9%. The Standard states it heritage of supporting issues of interest to its readers. It may be that those issues are of interest only to a minority of the communities the paper serves. Many comments of late site too many court reports, advertisements, football coverage and little in the way of coal face issues affecting local communities.


There having been reports posted on Facebook from the Shortlees area of bogus callers posing as Council/Housing Association workers demanding tenants pay £50 upfront for the bedroom tax and threatening them with eviction if they don’t pay. This is worrying and questions need to be asked how these individuals know who is liable for bedroom tax cuts in the first place, who are they targeting?  Remember an ID card can be faked, the council would never send an employee to your door demanding money on the spot.

Time to get off your backsides

from: @johnpilger ‪#‎WeAllPayYourBenefits‬‪#‎Poverty‬ has been gentrified. The Parkhill Estate in Sheffield was once an edifice of public housing – unloved by many for its Le Corbusier brutalism, poor maintenance and lack of facilities. With its Heritage Grade II listing, it has been renovated and privatised. Two thirds of the old flats have been reborn as modern apartments selling to “professionals”, including designers, architects and a social historian. In the sales office you can buy designer mugs and cushions. This façade offers not a hint that, devastated by the government’s “austerity” cuts, Sheffield has a social housing waiting list of 60,000 people.

Parkhill is a symbol of the two thirds society that is Britain today. The gentrified third do well, some of them extremely well, a third struggle to get by on credit and the rest slide into poverty.

Although the majority of the British are working class – whether or not they see themselves that way – a gentrified minority dominates parliament, senior management and the media. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband are their authentic representatives, with only minor technical difference between their parties. They fix the limits of political life and debate, aided by gentrified journalism and the “identity” industry. The greatest ever transfer of wealth upwards is a given. Social justice has been replaced by meaningless “fairness”.

While promoting this normality, the BBC rewards a senior functionary almost £1m. Although regarding itself as the media equivalent of The Church of England, the Corporation now has ethics comparable with those of the “security” companies G4S and Serco which, says the government, have “overcharged” on public services by tens of millions of pounds. In other countries, this is called corruption.

Like the fire sale of the power utilities, water and the railways, the sale of Royal Mail is to be achieved with bribery and the collaboration of the union leadership, regardless of its vocal outrage. Opening his 1983 documentary series Questions of Leadership, Ken Loach shows trade union leaders exhorting the masses. The same men are then shown, older and florid, adorned in the ermine of the House of Lords. In the recent Queen’s Birthday honours, the general secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), Brendan Barber, received his knighthood.

How long can the British watch the uprisings across the world and do little apart from mourn death of The Labour Party? The Edward Snowden revelations show the infrastructure of a police state emerging in Europe, especially Britain. Yet, people are more aware than ever before; and governments fear popular resistance – which is why truth-tellers are isolated, smeared and pursued.

Momentous change almost always begins with the courage of people taking back their own lives against the odds. There is no other way now. Direct action. Civil disobedience. Unerring. Read Percy Bysshe Shelley – “Ye are many; they are few”. And do it.