Think Nicola Sturgeon has risen from nowhere? Think again

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If Carlsberg did manifestos, they’d have a launch like this. Nicola Sturgeon, the new star of British politics, has delivered a powerful vision of a progressive Britain without threats, exaggeration, bells or whistles, and has yet created a political event described as passionate by battle-hardened commentators from both sides of the border. A bit like a new volcanic island whose molten rock can still be reshaped, the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon has adapted faster than others to the strange new environment of minority government. Her confidence is compelling.

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Yes. Labour voted with the Tories against this SNP amendment on the Smith Commission debate in the Scottish Parliament.

“That the parliament welcomes the publication of the Smith Commission report, welcomes the agreement of all 5 parties to devolve further powers to the parliament, calls on both governments to produce draft clauses for the reccomendations jointly to maintain this agreement; looks for early action from both governments on implementation where possible and especially to allow the parliament to extend the vote to 16 and 17 year olds for the 2016 Scottish election; welcomes the contribution of stakeholders and the public to the work of the commission and recognises the need for continuing meaningful public consultation and engagement to ensure the credibility of the process in Scotland. ”

What’s not to agree in this? But yet again Labour voted with the Tories to oppose this. Lets get rid of them next May. Vote SNP.

Reality Check: Scottish Labour at it again.

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Simple messages sometimes boil down complex election issues. So much so that they can get skewed. Scottish Labour has done a lot of boiling down of its claims that London mansion owners will pay for nurses in Scotland. Jim Murphy has said that a tax will be levied on homes valued at more than £2m, most of them in south-east England, that this will pay for 1,000 nurses in Scotland, and that he doesn’t care if Londoners don’t like that. There are quite a few links in that statement which require explanation, because it’s not all that it might seem. And the Lib Dems are proposing their own version of the “High Value Property Levy”.

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Labour and Food Banks

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There have been times over the last month where I thought Scottish Labour had gone mad. The Jim Murphy fiasco was the pinnacle in deceit and deliberate lies that were slapped down by his own party in a humiliating fashion. Now Gordon Brown has come up with a big idea, “Free Bus travel to Food Banks”  Labour must be seen as the worst nightmare for the poor, sick and disabled. So much for Cathy Jamieson who said last night that FB’s were abhorrent, now her old boss wants to provide a free ride!

Assange: UK spied on Yes campaign

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THE “full capacities” of UK security services were used to spy on Yes campaigners in the run-up to the referendum, believes fugitive WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Speaking yesterday by videolink to a Glasgow conference from his hideout in London, Assange said campaigners were “correct” in believing security services were involved. An expert in surveillance, the Australian said the prospect of independence was a “national security threat” to the UK that would have triggered the “full capacities” of the state spy network.

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Kilmarnock Facts:

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For every 100 people who could vote in the 2010 election, 63 did vote.
The average age in Kilmarnock is 31
For every 100 people who live in killie, 3 were born outside the UK
For every 100 people, aged 16 and over, 19 have a degree-level qualification or above
For every 100 working age adults, 4 claim Job Seekers Allowance?

The average weekly full-time earning for residents who are employed is £538
For every 100 people, 81 describe their own health as ‘good’ or ‘very good’
For every 100 who are employed in Kilmarnock, 35 work in the public sector.

Source: BBC